Rumor: Manual Transmission to Cruise into Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

Thanks to the loose lips of Paul Hewitt, a General Motors Canada product manager, we now know much more about the forthcoming Chevrolet Cruze diesel. According to GM Inside News, Hewitt revealed that the Cruze’s diesel engine will be paired with either a manual or automatic transmission, and be offered in both sedan and hatchback body styles. The news comes shortly […]

Chevy Gives Parents More Vehicles That Can Monitor Teen Drivers

The month of August this year sees a record number of U.S. teens turning 16 and becoming eligible for their first driver’s licenses—and a corresponding spike in parental angst as their children undertake the activity that is most likely to kill them. In an effort to assuage the fears of parents, Chevrolet has expanded its offering […]

Connectivity Now: The 10 Cheapest Cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Connectivity: It’s not just for luxury cars anymore. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the newest smartphone integration/mirroring tech features, are so simple that they have quickly propagated to plenty of new cars people can actually afford. (Quoted prices are as of mid-July 2016 and are for the lowest-priced model in the lineup, including option packages, that offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.)

Mileage Mavens: America’s 40-mpg Nonhybrid Superstars

Achieving 40 miles per gallon by the government’s metrics has become an important benchmark of fuel economy. Gas-electric hybrids such as the Toyota Prius have been surpassing that mark for many years, but traditional internal-combustion engines have recently made big strides in efficiency, and a good number of conventional, nonhybrid cars now clear that bar, too. We rounded up the 20 nonhybrid cars from the 2016 and 2017 model years that hit—or beat—the magic 4-0 in the EPA’s highway testing